Purrific Highland Lynx

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We live with exotic, and loving Highland Lynx cat's.  All of our gorgeous cat's live in the house, underfoot, and not in cage's.

Highland Lynx cat's have a wonderful disposition, and several dog-like behavior's.  For instance, they can be taught the game of "fetch" the ball, or toy.  They tend to follow their keeper around from room to room, and try to "assist"  with the task their owner is trying to complete.  These unique cat's are quite independent when investigating, or playing, yet also love to sit on your lap to be loved on.

Sometime after the New Year, we are expecting a litter of beautiful, and loving Highland Lynx kitten's!

The Snow Leopard's sell fast, and we are hoping that there will be some born in the upcoming litter, along with many of the other gorgeous color's.  A minimal deposit will reserve your "forever" kitten.

Enjoy the "wild look" in your lap, that purr's!







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